Forum rules (english)

Forenregeln und allgemeine Infos / Forum rules and general information
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Forum rules (english)

Beitrag von DieNatz » 16. Nov 2018, 16:54

Hello friends of fencing!

Welcome to the discussion board of the Medieval Sport Division (MSD)!

In order to guarantee a decent debate, we ask you to observe the following rules:

Suitable tone and way of talking

You are allowed to use a nickname as well as your real name as username. Consider here that your username excludes mistaken identity and you can be mistaken for a representative of a whole group or organisation.
We request you to treat other users, people mentioned in a posting, and members of MSD with consideration and respect. There you should relinquish degradation and hostilities. Further, insults and threats as well as defamatory and damages to a business will not be accepted.
Phrase your posts and inputs in commonly understandable language and way of talking. Abusive words, scatology, brute, ambiguous or filthy language is not permitted. Further, content which is offensive and not suitable for minors, will not be tolerated.

Topic relevance and reasoning

Posts should and may be written, however a connection to the topics of MSD (fencing, reenactment etc.) is required.
Your written comments must refer to the preceding post. There you should call attention to relevant aspects and contrary points in the discussion. Your personal opinion should be undergird objectively by comprehensible explanations, sources and argumentation. You should omit non-pursuable insinuations or suspicions in the course of this discussion. On the other hand objective criticism at other users and MSD is welcome but should be grounded by specific argumentation.

You should relinquish spamming (many posts of same or similar content) and flooding (“flooding” of the discussion with a high amount of posts). Further it is not allowed to post with many different user-accounts.

Advertisment and other content of advertising natur using posts or comments is not allowed.
The probability of deletion of a comment or post rises with substantial distance from the original post or topic of MSD.

Laws and legislation

Every user is obliged to comply with laws and legislation in the course of posts and comments. These include forbearance of utterances, which could be declared as defamation, libel, slander, defamation of business reputation and sedition. Further, disparagements and general condemnations of groups (racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism and other misanthropic contributions) will not be tolerated. The writer is responsible for exclusion of such interpretations of his or her posts or comments. It is further not allowed to call for violence in a post or comment.
Publication of personal data of a third-party (e.g. name, address, telephone number or details of private life) is not permitted.

You can be made accountable for your posts and comments. Your data will be handed over to a third-party or authorities, if we are legally bound to it.

Violation of the forum rules mentioned above will result, depending on its severity, in a warning and in deletion of the user-account by the MSD, respectively.
Scheiß di nix, lebsch länga!